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Under Armour
Anyone who spends time with horses faces the challenge of staying warm in the winter months and cool in the summer.  Being from Texas, all I have to do is wait 30 minutes and the weather will change, sometimes from one extreme to the next.

Do you struggle with the decision of what to wear when you want to spend time with your horse, especially in cold weather?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried many different brands of clothing and I’ve finally settled on one brand that consistently lives up to what it promises.

As with most ideas or products there will be imitations or copycats created that never seem to be as good as the quality provided by the original creator.

I’ve found this in many instances, especially in the horse industry.

A product line I would like to introduce you to today in my review is called Under Armour®.  You may ask “what does this have to do with horses?”  If you’re out in the elements it has a lot to do with horses.

I was introduced to Under Armour® about four years ago.  Actually, I wasn’t formally introduced.  I asked someone who was wearing some of their cold weather clothing about it on one chilly winter day.  He was not sure what it was called and couldn’t remember what website he ordered it from.  I decided to start digging and I finally came across their website.

What I Like About Under Armour®

Something I really love about their clothing lines is that you can choose from several different clothing technologies.  You read that right, technologies.  Since I am a techie person I’m fascinated with the different technologies that go into their clothing lines.

To some, at first glance Under Armour® clothes are not anything special.  One time, someone at a hoof care clinic I attended said to me that Under Armour® is too expensive.  What they didn’t realize is the quality and craftsmanship that goes into their clothing, and the value provided to the customer.

That’s a fairly common complaint I often hear about almost any quality product.  The majority of people want to pay less, so they buy an inferior product.  However, in the long run, they usually end up spending more since they have to replace the cheaper product much sooner when it breaks or they’re not happy with the results.

Why not buy quality in the first place, be happy with the value it provides and not have to replace it so quickly?  That’s my philosophy.

I purchased two ColdGear® Longsleeve and three HeatGear® Longsleeve shirts over four years ago and I have not had to replace any of them since.  All five pieces of clothing are still holding up.

The first order I placed with Under Armour® was at the beginning of a very cold winter here in Texas.  After being impressed with the results I got from their ColdGear® technology I ended up placing another order that following summer for the three HeatGear® shirts.

The products I’ve purchased from Under Armour® have provided more value to me than the price I paid.  Finding companies with integrity and that provide quality products is hard to come by these days.  So, when I find a company that I like, and that has added some kind of value to my life, I like to give back a little by writing a great review.

Under Armour® Technology

The last time I looked at the Under Armour® website they had five different built in technologies in their clothing lines.  The two I am most familiar with and use are the following:

  • ColdGear® : [From Under Armour Website] – For when it’s cold. Keeping athletes warm, dry, and light. Ideal use: Temperatures under 55 degrees F. ColdGear® features a double-sided fabric that wicks moisture from the skin and circulates body heat. It accomplishes the impossible by keeping athletes warm without weighing them down.
  • HeatGear® : [From Under Armour Website] – For when it’s hot. Keeping athletes cool, dry, and light. Ideal use: Extremely warm weather. Over a decade ago, HeatGear®, the original second skin layer, sparked the revolution of performance apparel.

Under Armour ColdGear®

I love my Under Armour ColdGear® during the winter months in Texas especially when I’m out trimming horses for many hours.  It really keeps me warm and I don’t usually have to put on extra clothes and add more bulk to my body which limits my range of motion.

One thing I do have to say about the ColdGear® is to be aware of the temperature you wear it in or you may get too hot because it works so well.

Under Armour HeatGear®

During the summer months I wear Under Armour HeatGear®.  We get really hot and humid days in Texas and I still stay cool wearing it.  I usually wear longsleeve HeatGear®.  As I’ve gotten older I’m even more concerned about sun exposure, so wearing long sleeves when I’m out in the sun is important to me, but I also don’t want to get too hot.  This is where HeatGear® comes in to play and it works!

I also wear it while trimming horses.  It not only keeps me cool, but the long sleeves also help protect my forearms when trimming.  It just provides a little extra added protection that they don’t include in the marketing materials.  :-)

I’ve had people ask me at various educational horse clinics if I get hot in what I’m wearing and I say no.  What they don’t realize is that what I’m wearing actually helps me stay cooler.


Many of you may already use Under Armour®, but for those who don’t, hopefully I’ve just introduced you to a quality product you will enjoy.  I’ve used Under Armour® for years and been very happy with it.

One thing to keep in mind is to not be intimidated by some of the prices.  The value far outweighs the price and it’s not like you need a large wardrobe of Under Armour® clothes.  All you need are a few shirts for the winter and, if you choose, for the summer.

I also like their HeatGear mesh baseball cap,which is great for the summer months.  Additionally, I own a pair of ColdGear® Frosty Tight Bottoms for those really cold winter days.

If you use Under Armour® products we would love to hear what you think.

Keep it soulful,
Stephanie Krahl

Where to Find Under Armour® Gear

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